Dude, did you steal those shorts from the girls’ locker room or John Stockton?

10 reasons why we miss John Stockton

1. Wardrobe. Stockton has been sporting khaki pants,short shorts, a golf shirt, short shorts, a windbreaker, short shorts and sneakers his entire friggin career. Classy “Freddy” Stockton

2. Go white boy, go white boy go! After Stockton broke Magic Johnson’s career assists record in 1995, Stockton was icing his knees in the trainer’s room while media members waited for him. As Jazz public relations staffers pleaded with Stockton to come out for interviews, Stockton said, “Aw, let Karl (Malone) talk to them. He’s the one who scored all the points, and I am just a short white dude in shorts that are barely covering my homeboys.”

3. When Stockton was drafted, Jazz broadcaster Rod Hundley had him on a conference call. Fans did not like the pick and booed. When Stockton asked if they were booing him, Hundley said, “No, they’re saying, `Who?'”

4. When the Jazz put up a banner counting down to the assists record, Stockton asked that it be taken down.

5. Family. Before Jazz home games, Stockton’s kids are on hand near the Utah bench to wish their dad good luck. All the Mormom highbrow are there as well, rooting for Stockton to have more kids and add a few debutant’s.

6. Always on time. Depending on the Jazz’s situation, Stockton can make two minutes seem like two seconds, or an eternity. Also see, Danny Ainge.

7. Always on time, part II. He is one of the few players who, when playing defense, keeps his eye on the 24-second clock above the opposite basket. Nerd!

8. Underhandedness. The Kings’ Bobby Jackson says, “I get the ball at the top of the key, and he is bumping and bumping and grabbing the whole time. He gets away with a lot of stuff I know I can’t get away with.” It’s because he is white!

9. Picks. Stockton sets fierce ones. Remember when Dennis Rodman was suspended in the 1994 playoffs for planting a knee in Stockton’s hip? That followed a Stockton pick.

10. Picks, part II. Remember when the Rockets sent tapes of Stockton to the commissioner’s office in the 1997 playoffs? Again, the picks.


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