That old guy has some crazy rooneybrows happening on his face……………Tom Brady’s foot cast will speak to Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes

In an exclusive interview, the Tom Brady’s footcast will speak to Mike Wallace and 60 minutes regarding their appearance together this past week. Many reporters and journalists have been inquiring the extent of their relationship and 60 minutes have paid the footcast to speak to a national television audience immediately following this weeks superbowl.
The two recently appeared in NYC’s West Village walking to Tom’s supermodel girlfriend Giselle’s swank apartment. The footcast has denied any rumors that he was in fact “supporting Tom’s ankle” and recently signed on to set the record straight with CBS.

Brady acknowledged he’s a bit nicked up but will be ready to play against the New York Giants come Super Bowl Sunday in Glendale Arizona on February 3rd.

“There are always kind of bumps and bruises,” Brady told WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan Show. “I’ll be ready for the Super Bowl. I’m not missing this one. I’d have to be on a stretcher to miss this one. There will just be some treatment this week and like I said, games like this you get a little nicked up but it’s nothing serious.”

Brady (seen to the left) has seemed mentally and physically ready for this weeks game, but did not comment when he heard his footcast was to give a tell all on 60 minutes. Friends of Tom have stated that he wouldn’t of known if his footcast would even know he had a bad ankle and that he would not support this footcast supporting his bad ankle unknowingly.

Here is part of the transcript from this weeks upcoming show…..

Mike Wallace: Are you telling us, you were not supporting Tom’s ankle last week in New York.

Footcast: Tom and I are good friends, he was like family to me. He welcomed me into his home and I fee that I was a part of his family.

Mike Wallace: Did you support Tom’s ankle?

Footcast: I would never support anything that I wasn’t sure about. Tom works hard, and I was there for him

BallHype – Tom Bradys footcast to speak to 60 minutes


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