Isn’t it strange how her mother is an A cup and she’s dolly parton?…..The Giants have an enormous uphill climb Sunday

The New York Football Giants have to get their asses into action if they want to take on the New England Patriots, Tom Brady and Wes Walker’s mustache. We are all Giants fans here, so we are routing for the GMEN to knock off the Pats and basque in the ever glorious history of a hodge podge of thugs, class, and white trash who currently make the team up.

Remember this call??

“Norwood’s kick is up, its got the distance, but it’s no good! Wide right! And the New York Giants are going to hang on and win the Super Bowl.”

Established in 1928 by the Mara Family, the New York Football Giants are the NFL’s premiere franchise, with more Hall of Famers than both of the other “New York” teams put together; a team so embarassed by the state they play in, they still refer to themselves as the NEW YORK GIANTS

“Hey, I don’t like the Giants because they are really from New Jersey and I like to complain about that because the Jets are a good team and the Bills are actually in New YOrk and…blahblabhlahblabablhabh”

“Jets – 1 Super Bowl apperance almost a half a century ago; Bills – in Upstate New York, which as we all know is not really New York. New York Giants are the best, and you my friend are friggin clown shoes.”


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