Cameron said that Michael Jackson’s a kiddy fiddler…….Got to love a hockey Mom

From our friends at Bad Jocks…….

Hockey Mom Pleads Not Guilty to Charges She Served Booze, Smoked Pot With Son’s Teammates, Allegedly Had Sex With Two of Them – It’s the scandal that’s rocking upstate New York: Beth Modica, 44, pleaded not guilty this week to a staggering 35 charges, including those claiming she had sexual intercourse or oral sex with two teenaged boys, served them alcohol and smoked marijuana with them at so-called “team parties” last summer. Despite a DA request to set the bail at $25,000, the judge upped it to $75K, prompting Modica’s defense lawyer to say, “Your honor.

The DA recommended bail at $25,000.” To which Judge Catherine Bartlett responded, “I heard it. These are serious charges involving children in her community.” Smack down! Apparently, Modica’s lawyer, thinking because she was the wife of the local sheriff, asked that his client be released without bail. Not even close, pal! Among the charges are five felonies: one count of third-degree rape, which is statuatory rape; and four counts of third-degree criminal sexual act, involving accusations of oral sex, and 30 misdemeanor charges: four counts of third-degree sexual abuse and 26 counts of endangering the welfare of a child. (LoHud) Tyler, the reader who sent us this link, also asked, “How drunk would you have to be to hit that, even at 15?” No comment.


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