Sports Blogging: If minds had anuses, Sports blogging would be what your mind would do when it had to take a dump at a stadium.

According to all the latest buzzing around the internets, “sports blogs” are the continually becoming popular newest trend amongst the pseudo-intellectual sports enthusiasts. Being myself a pseudo intellectual, and former athlete (just ask my detractors and coaches) I decided that I should probably get on board with this for whatever reason, or risk being unheard, uncool and non-famous. As we here at Cusescoops started doing some digging into this sports blogosphere, I figured I had a form of Bloggers ADD. I don’t enjoy reading into deep thoughts of bloggers or could care less. I don’t need to know Steve Nash’s free throw percentage back in 2001 or do I care why “my team” lost the game tonight.

Oh which do i click, I guess “here” BAM ANOTHER BLOG WITH THE SAME SHIT FORMAT
—Gilbert Arenas

So what makes the best sports blog? Is it the guy who gets the first scoop on a player? (I was the first person to hear this band, have you ever heard of them?? I don’t think so!) Are sports blogs meant to be these creative opinion outlets from journalism students that can rant about their favorite teams? Is the purpose of which to be linked,read and commented upon (and lauded for their unrivaled wit and endearing melodrama with a turn of phrase, of course) by others? Are all these sports blogs merely the modern equivalent of “Dear Diary”, with creative ramblings and passion for their favorite sports team? What sort of sports fan spills the secrets of their heart and soul of their team online?

We directly partake in this idiocracy and obsessiveness of “sport blogging.” All with our goal for people to read and drop you some props, and link each other to drive hits, and comments. I could actually be outside skiing, playing some b-ball, or actually physically enacting what I am writing about..Most people think sports bloggers are of the Bob Costas mold, 5’1, 135 lbs and obsessed with sports cause we cannot play them; probably true for a lot of the debauchery out there right? Well, as we continue to vent about nothing in particular, we at Cusescoops claim that we are mere villagers in this blogger world and do not have the creative elements to rant 1000 words on why Syracuse’s zone is no longer working anymore, or what potential impact of a Giants switch to a 3-4 defense would stymie the patriots offensive line.

So….until we are able to put such thoughts on paper creatively and to gain the blogosphere’s merit, we will continue to write absolute nonsense, mediocre satire and simple verbiage while we are sitting in airports, train terminals or dinners at our folks house……….

BallHype – Sports Blogging: If minds had anuses, Sports blogging would be what your mind would do when it had to take a dump at a stadium.


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