Jeff’s friends called him "whiteylocks" because of his long blonde dreadlocks…………..Taj Smith to join the NFL dreadlock Association

Taj Smith has joined the ever growing union of NFL players that sport the long trendy locks. Dreadlocks have become common place in the NFL, including a few whities who sport the popular hairstyle. Smith, a senior wide receiver at Syracuse with a year of eligibility remaining, declared himself eligible for the draft earlier this month.

Steve Lamin, former kicker for the San Diego Chargers sported Dreads during his playing days in the late 90’s

Many people wonder how in the world do football players with dreadlocks manage to put on their helmets? Do they require a bigger helmet than usual,or are helmets now being custom made for them, as a person who once had an Afro and played football? When you get fitted with a helmet, they fit it for your head, hair and all. Unless someone has the odd superpower of growing hair REALLY fast, their head already had the dreads BEFORE they get fitted with their helmet.

I am starting to think the NFL is looking like one big PM Dawn video. Dreads, Dreads everywhere. Taj needs to lose the dreads and concentrate on not dropping the 5 and outs!


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