Dr. Jack Ramsey busted for doing nude one handed pushups inside hotel foyer

The Doctor of basketball was born, February 21, 1925 so the thought of him doing naked one handed pushups might be disturbing for some people. Miami authorities reported a call placed to them that a man, apparently drunk was in the Miami Hyatt’s foyer doing naked one handed pushups around midnight last tuesday after the Miami Heat game.

Palance blazed the new frontier of one handed pushups

Ramsey, mimicking the famous exercise patented by the late Jack Palance was apparently toxicated and causing a stir as guests entered the Hyatt’s ballroom. “We just got to the hotel and check in, and a naked old guy has was doing jump and jacks right in the doorway,” stated a hotel guest. Authorities did not comment if the broadcaster was ticketed, but stated that they had to calm the former NBA coach before he returned to his room.

Check out his coaching resume–
Coached the Philadelphia 76ers (1968–72)
Buffalo Braves (1972–76)
Portland Trail Blazers (1976–86)
Indiana Pacers (1986–88)
Color commentator for ESPN
Led the Portland Trail Blazers
to the 1976-77 NBA championship


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