Fantasy football is dungeon and dragons for meatheads

Now hold on! Before everyone rips me a new virtual ass, listen to what we have to say. We love sports, read sports, follow sports and often participate in many sport leagues (mostly the kind that you can drink Milwaukees Beast while playing.) We have participated in a fantasy league or two but none of us could never really grasp the whole spirit of it.

Here are a few reasons, we DON’T think Fantasy leagues are the Ballz……

*The only sports whites can play better than blacks. Face it, it’s true!!

* You end up cheering against your teams…Alright, so Plaxico Buress just caught a 60-yard touchdown, there’s 10 points, but I have to deduct 4 from that because he scored against my defense and then deduct one more point because the guy I’m playing has Tony Romo.

* Fantasy football made me cheer for kickers.

and finally

* a Tossa-league- Predecessor to fantasy sports, created during the Depression as a diversionary pleasure. Name is derived from the fact that the leagues are half-assed and ill-conceived, and quickly “tossed” out to be used by friends and acquaintences. Often involved football or baseball leagues , although tossa leagues can even include sports such as tennis or skeete-shooting


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