Pass, dribble, shoot boys, ya here! SU loses to Nova

Cusescoops- A pre-game pep talk via VHS/Beta from James Naismith could not rabble-rouse the SU men, who lost 81-71 against the 21st ranked Wildcats of Villanova.

In December 1891, Canadian-born James Naismith, a physical education teacher at the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) training school, took a soccer ball and a peach basket into the gym and invented basketball. In 1893, James Naismith replaced the peach basket with iron hoops and a hammock-style basket. Ten years later came the open-ended nets of today. Before that, you had to retrieve your ball from the basket every time you scored. The SU men had a chance to see early footage of Naismiths, “keys to victory in basketball.” The video which depicts white farm boys ranging from 5’6 to 5’11 in height making layups, medium range jump shots and pivot action passing denotes that a crisp back door screen and the patented dribble, pass, shoot scheme didn’t fair well with the Orange today.

Facing its first ranked opponent of the season, Syracuse (13-6, 3-3), with only eight scholarship players available and five of them freshmen, got into serious foul trouble for the first time this season and it proved costly. Naismith might have recommended some backdoor screens and precision passing, but to his adue, Syracuse went straight to the hole, and shoot poor from the outside.

Villanova (13-3, 3-2) trailed for much of the first half but quickly erased a 35-30 halftime deficit and began to assert control once the Orange’s leading scorer, freshman Donte Greene, was called for his fourth foul with 17:04 left and the score tied at 40-all.

“Greene is athletic and can pretty much do everything,” said Reynolds, who made four 3-pointers and was 9-of-10 from the free throw line. “We knew he was in foul trouble and wanted to limit those screens. We were trying to take it at him a little bit to see if we could get him out of there. The guys did a great job of attacking, and we heard about the Naismith video before the game and guarded against the left handed layup.”

BallHype – James Naismith doesn’t help Syracuse Basketball


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