Michigan Coach Rodriguez bitch slaps West Virginia

Bitch slap defined…..

As distinguished from the more common “pimp slap”, a bitch slap is preceded by ample forewarning and delivered with a flourish or exaggerated post-blow hip movements. Nonetheless, the blow is firm and may involve an open forehand or backhand.

A pimp slap to the contrary, is regularly delivered without announcement and oftentimes over breakfast at an IHOP, on a subway platform, or numerous other indiscriminately chosen venues. The blow is always, always struck with the back of ones hand as to do otherwise is bad form. And the hip motion that accompanies a pimp slap provides the torque to knock a bitch silly.
After weeks of be raiding his kids, death threats and a virtual ban from stepping in the state of West Virginia, Michigan’s coach Rich Rodgriguez bitch slapped the state of West Virginia, and it was felt from Morgantown to Charleston.

Apparently Rodriguez reached the boiling point and felt the he needed to handle the situation like a whiny ex-girlfriend. The Mountaineer faithful were silent after the slap and tears were rolling from the hills around Morgantown into the river basin. “I can’t believe he bitch slapped an entire state? We felt it and we are very upset and think it is time to move onto the next chapter here at West Virginia,” stated John Adima of Morgantown.

West Virginia officials are rifling through his cell phone records, trying to figure out whether he called a few Michigan recruits on his West Virginia-issued phone before leaving town. “I just want to end this chapter of my life, but I cannot get rid of these fans that keep on wondering why I left the university,” Rodriguez stated in a release earlier this week. “Seriously, I needed to end this situation so I let my temper get the best of me, so I bitch slapped the state, and I do not apologize about it.”

As tough as this may be for the West Virgina community to take, Michigan is a better job than West Virginia, a no brainer there! Richer tradition, bigger stadium, better resources, more prestigious conference, wider recruiting appeal … It should hardly come as a shock to you that Rodriguez would leave West Virginia for Michigan, which any coach outside of maybe, hmmmmmmmm USC, LSU, Florida, etc…….

Hey West Virginia, a lot of people have been bitch slapped for many reasons. Just be happy you smoked the Sooners and have a coach on deck waiting to take you to another 11 win season. Stop whining about it, and just move on. He is not coming back, he has a pretty, smarter, skinnier and richer girlfriend now!

BallHype – Michigan Coach Rodriguez bitch slaps West Virginia


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