Turkish Rambo ticketed at Dunkin Donuts on South Salina

Nectar Sasmaz, Turkish action hero star was ticketed for urinating in public outside the Dunkin Donuts on South Salina street in Syracuse. Sasmaz wa urinating on the side of the building as a Syracuse Police officer drove up and spotted him. He was given a ticket and a warning for lewd conduct as well.

Sasmaz is the biggest action hero in Turkey. The movie high jinks of a Turkish Rambo who single-handedly takes on U.S. forces in lawless northern Iraq are filling cinemas across Turkey, America’s only predominantly Muslim nato ally. Valley of the Wolves Iraq, which is set to broke Turkish box-office records, shows U.S. soldiers in Iraq as they raid a wedding, machine-gun the guests, and take survivors to a prison where a Jewish doctor removes their organs for rich people in the West. Subtle it ain’t, but Turks are in a frenzy over it. Advance tickets sold out weeks ago; cabinet ministers, businessmen and even the Prime Minister’s wife and daughters packed the glitzy premiere in the capital Ankara.

Turkish Rambo in Action


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