Wife suprised husband went to watch the SU women play

Cusescoops- Mark Mcdonough of East Syracuse is a die hard Syracuse Basketball fan. He grew up here and has been to hundreds of games throughout his life and routes for the home Orange. When he left to see the women’s game Tuesday night against UCONN, he forgot to tell his wife he was going to see the Orange Women play. “I happened to go online to find the SU Mens score and it they were not playing. So, I started to get worried and wonder where he was, never thinking he would go see the women play,” stated Mcdonough’s wife Christine.

Mcdonough arrived home later that night and his wife questioned his whereabouts and he had to show a ticket stub to prove he was at the game. “I got home and she calls me a liar, a cheat and a shithead. I had to calm her down and explain why I went to a women’s basketball game.” After the storm, she calmed down and the couple reconciled the situation and he explained to her he would “differentiate” what games he was going to see from now on. Mcdonough doesn’t know how many women’s games he will attend in the future but stated that he actually had a good time, and that UCONN was a very good basketball team and not just women with lumpy bottoms running around making jump shots and layups.


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