I’m from Jersey. I keep it real. Kinda?

Piece of shit city 60 miles west of rochester, crappy looking, good NCAA team, billboard that says “welcome to ondaga county, home of Basketball, Rapists, murderers, and general retards.” Have a crappy lake that only 2 people ever swim in, because food lion dumps all their chemicals in it, old middle class houses full of black people who think they are ghetto,next to 60 year old factories and BJ’s and Target Warehouses.The Mall is the high point of Syracuse social life. It has the only big movie complex, after all. Other than the mall, there is several downtown dance clubs where no one dances, some Irish pubs, maybe two live music venues, one coffeehouse, and the usual quotient of dim bars where middle aged men drink in the early afternoon. right next to the Ny state fairground is a huge chemical plant/factory that looks 100 years old. City that is crap to anyone over 13. Avoid at all costs.Wanna go to syracuse ?

(Posted on a Rutgers Basketball Blog…Really???!! You live in Jersey?)


Well, the mighty Orange have faltered a couple Big East Games in a row…Thanks god for our friends over in Jersey to come in and try to get us back on the fast track, and hopefully not the fast track straight to the NIT. Rutgers always gives us a bit of a “safe haven” from the actual Big East, even though we have struggle as of late against them. (Remember our championship year in Jersery with Melo?)

Syracuse hopes to get a shot of vitamin water from the the fans, when Rutgers visits the Carrier Dome for a 7 p.m. game. The Scarlet Knights, at 0-4, have yet to win a game in the Big East and have been struggling. Maybe they need some fire in their gut, maybe a nickname like that stupid ass Imus gave the women’s team? Anyway, we need a win, a really bad one!

Here are a few of my favorite Jersey Folk-

David Copperfield
born in metuchen, new jersey
children’s birthday party magician/douchebag

Dave Thomas
Born in Atlantic city, new jersey
Founder of Wendy’s, new jersey’s finest dining

Whitney Houston
Born in Newark, New Jersey
She married bobby brown and then started
smoking crack. for some reason, it seems
like that should have happened the other way


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