Local man believes that most ladies "want his body"

Tony Timmons believes that most women want his body

Tony Timmons, a local Brueggers Bagels shift supervisor is convinced that most ladies want his body. “I think that most women want my body, I can see it when I walk into the bar or grocery store.” Timmons may be right, and he is not shy to tell everyone that he is available and has no current relationships. “I am 22 years old, and have only 5% body fat. Who wouldn’t want to get down with that right?”

Outside his bagel gig, Timmons is also enrolled at Onondaga Community College as a liberal Arts major with hopes of working with a cell phone company someday. His mother, Sheila Timmons commented that Tony has had a way with the ladies since he was a young boy. “He was always making eye contact and taking his shirt off trying to impress the girls, he just has a knack for being incredibly enticing to women.

Timmons also believes that his car, a 1987 Baby Blue Iroc also helps the helps him with the ladies. “When they see me roll up with this baby, women melt and they always want a ride to places like Shifty’s, Applebees or Family Dollar. They love the bucket seats and my Ken wood deck.”


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