Local Talk Show Host Jim Reith had supporting role in touring Dance Troupe-Thunder Pants

Local Radio talk show host Jim Reith is an afternoon daily for hundreds of drivers commuting home from work in the Central New York area. He describes himself as a neither a liberal nor conservative. His show, The Jim Reith Show, airs on WSYR radio in Syracuse, New York. It is the number one general local live talk forum in Central New York. Recently Reith’s name has been popping up as part of the now defunct gay dance group Thunderpants. Thunderpants,a touring, high energy adult orientated dance troupe folded in the early 80’s and eventually turned into the very popular Men of Steel show that is a national favorite on the male revue circuit.

On December 15, 1997, Jim Reith began his own show called The Jim Reith Show.

In November 2005, Glenn Beck gave a performance of his Christmas Tour in Syracuse. This event was co-sponsored by Clear Channel, who owns Reith’s radio station. Jim and Glenn had lunch on the day of the performance, and Jim presented Glenn to the audience at the event. Shortly thereafter, Reith announced that he would guest host The Glenn Beck Program on November 16, 2005. So far, that has been the only time Reith has hosted a national talk show. Reid has also received some slack as an anti-condiment Connoisseur and apparently ridicules people who put mayonnaise on their french fries. The Americans for mayonnaise on french fries coalition has recently called for a boycott against Reids talk show saying that he “Vastly offends the thousands of Americans who enjoy the Delicious food pairing.”

According to the (AFMOFF), Reith’s comments on condiments including mayonnaise on french fries has poised serious ethics issues in the condiment industry.

Reith was unavailable for comment, but a few insiders has told us that his patented move while with thunderpants was a topless squat thrust wearing a pair of black denim jean shorts. Reith can be heard weekly monday-friday from 3:00pm-7:00pm.


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