I once told a cabbie from Virginia that I was from West Virginia. He didn’t know where that was. I punched him in the face and stole his cab. Sucker.

According to some West Virginia fans…………………

One of America’s poorest states. New Yorkers who claim to be “tolerant” and then make jokes about Appalachians which they would never dare make about blacks or gays deserve a hard punch in the face.

West Virginia has been screwed and betrayed by the rich Bi-Coastal fat cats.Yes, we do have shoes. Poverty has always ran rampant in this state and often times people only could afford the bare necessities. And sometimes children have fun playing bearfoot. We are Mountaineers. Incest…yes. The strong family ties and isolation has resulted in may a incestial relationship. But that has ended for the most part in this modern age. But incest occurs in Alabama, Iowa, in every state really.

Yes, we have accents. We live in hollers. We warsh. But I am proud of my accent and so should most people. New Yorkers have an accent, so…

We are part of the South at hearts. We were a Union state but the Confederacy is much celecrated around here and many of our forefathers fought for that side. Especially here in southern WV.

Our main problem now is working-class men who fake back injuries so they can receive pain medication. And disabilty. Almost everyone does it. Some sell the drugs to other people, and make a profit.

I’m proud to be a West Virginian. A southern West Virginian.

Witness the way the Elites behaved towards Jessica Lynch; they competed to exploit her. The CIA, the Pentagon, Tim Robbins, the Feminists, the Right, the Left, the media, the Metropolitan Elite…all GUILTY of RAPING Jessica Lynch.

Someday, there will be vengeance.

Chuck Yaeger, John Nash, Homer Hickam, Jessica Lynch are famous West Virginians, and are vastly superior to any of the worhtless, parasitic New York intelectuals.


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