Romo considers not playing against Giants, might attend dinner at Jessica’s grandmothers house.

With a giant new 30 million dollar contract, one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL has a bid decision to make, Sunday dinner or NFL playoff game?Well, Tony Romo has to answer whether or not he will play against the Giants this Sunday or go to his girlfriends grandmothers house for Sunday dinner. The Cowboys’ playoff game Sunday against the New York Giants is as much for a spot in the NFC championship game as it is a question in the road for Romo’s heart and football career. “Jessica really wants me to meet her grandmother and a few cousins from Alabama will be there as well, so I will make my decision later tonight whether I will play for the cowboys tomorrow,” Romo stated via telephone. “I mean, I can play next Sunday if they beat the Giants, and Jessica always complains that I never want to meet any of her family.”

After coming off the much criticized excursion to the beaches of Mexico last week, Romo most certainly will receive much criticism for not playing Sunday for the Boyz. “If Romo doesn’t play, I will have to decide with our staff what to do about this situation,” stated Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. “I know she is really hot and I understand when a woman wants you to meet her family, especially their grandmother. So he has a decision to make really fast.” Romo will certainly put himself in another tier if he should play and beat the Giants and play in the NFC championship game, but the well being with the Simpson family could be jeopardized. Former husband Nick Lachey stated that, “Tony should play in the game, I have met Jess’s grandmother a few times and blew a few 98 degrees shows off to have a Sunday dinner. It’s really not worth it, and her house smells like old cats anyway.”

If Romo decides to opt out of the game, he will surely be hammered by the “old school” players and former players in the league about his decision. “I am not like Ronnie Lott or Dick Butkus. Those guys would literally caught off their finger to play this game. If I don’t do so Jessica’s grandmothers house Sunday, I know she will be so pissed off, and I just wouldn’t want to deal with that right now.”

Go eat dinner with Jessica Tony!


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