North Syracuse Man doesn’t give a Shit

Ask North Syracuse’s Chuck Wiamer who is favorite candidate in this year’s election and he is surely to reply, ” I don’t give a shit bout no political bullshit.” The father of three toddlers ages 1, 3, and 4, Chuck just wants to live his life his way, and that’s that!

“You always have people saying shit like, hey do some more of this, or do some more of that shit, but I could give a F*%$! They don’t know me, I come round here, they know me and I don’t care who you are, I am going to do my shit whenever I want!”
Chuck’s live-in girlfriend Sharon Dockey will second her sweethearts feelings about a variety of issues and topics on the national and local stage. “He comes home, and is like, what the hell is going on and I don’t care bout this shit either. He does his thing over there, and I get off work and are tired and just want to watch the WWE and he gets all crazy and shit.” The two have shared his uncles apartment above their garage for the last three months since he lost his job as a shelf stocker at the local Price Chopper.

The couple hopes to have a few kids and buy his buddy’s 93 Camaro and save up for a snowmobile next winter. “I am just going to do this til I get mine! She does her thing and so do I, so watcha got to say with that? See, I am coming home later and she is bitching about this and that, and we watch the WWE and she won’t shut up. I don’t know how long I can deal with that stuff.”

Later during the interview with Chuck we caught him and his pal having a conversation……

Chuck: this video game is so good. i could play it forever
jim: i could care less. i hate video games.
Chuck: wait, so you could care less…. that means that you care somewhat. you mean “i couldn’t care less”?
jim: what? no. i don’t give a shit about your dumb video game.
Chuck: you’re a f$&king retard. F%&k this shit!

Thanks to Chuck and Sharon for their time….


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