Takin it back….my favorite slow jamz from the 90’s

What’s up all my sexy ladies out there! let me hear ya…… I am going to slow this post down and take it back in the day and post my favorite slow jamz for the nineties. For all that know me, Dory Belcher, A.K.A Murder Inc. loves three things in life

Ladies at the club that are not straight out trippin………Triple Sec and Pomegranate………..and Honda Civics!

So here are my favs-

R. Kelly – Bump ‘n Grind remix

Why it’s dope-

(lookie here) See i know just what you want and i know just what you need girl
so baby bring your body to me(bring your body here) im not fooling around with
you baby my love is true with you with you is where i want to be i want to be
girl you need someone someone like me to satisfy your every need.

Ginuwine – So Anxious

Why it’s dope-

Said as soon as you hit the door,
I’ma pull you down on the floor
And before we get to touch the bed,
Baby back up every word you said
And before we get to hit the lights
And before we start the candelights
Baby girl, I wanna bump and grind
This is something that is on my mind

Keith Sweat – Nobody

Why it’s dope-

And who can love you like me (nobody)
Who can sex you like me (nobody)
Who can treat you like me now, baby (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)
And who can do it like me (nobody)
And who can give you what you need (nobody)
Who can do you all night long (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)

Silk – Freak Me

Why it’s dope-

love the taste of whipcream
Spread it on don’t be mean
(baby don’t be mean)
You know I can’t resist you girl
I’ll fly you all around the world
(all around the world, oh baby)
I wanna make your body drip
C’mon let me take a sip
(c’mon, c’mon, c’mon)
Take off what you cherish most
(c’mon,c’mon, come on, come on baby)
Cuz when I brag I like to brag and boast


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