You can’t beat a reliever with a mustache! Three idiots (and a lil baby) on sports

Cheesesteaks, Rocky, McNabb and (Lacrosse) in Philly? CuseAdelphia

Hopefully the Orange get Road(a)head….Troy Nunes is an an illegal Mexican Magician

Nick’s college Hoops Mancrushes….Nick’s 2 Cents

Blasting the comments and rants from DA STATE- State of the Orange


LSU Elated To Win Whatever It Is They Just Won

NEW ORLEANS–Following a 38-24 victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes Monday night, the LSU Tigers were crowned National Champions or BCS champions or something. The talented team, which went 12-2 season under Coach Les Miles, said they were “elated” to win whatever it is they just won.

“It’s so great to win the bowl championship game or whatever it’s called,” said quarterback Matt Flynn. “It means we’re the…best team in the country, right? Or at the very least it means we were the best team to play in this series. Only one team in the nation can say that, and it’s us. Yea! We are the winner of the BCS championship thingie!”

Flynn said that they thought they were the best team in the nation all year round, and Monday’s victory sort of proved it.

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Jaguars Blame Officials For Upcoming Loss Against Patriots

FOXBORO–The Jacksonville Jaguars, bitterly disappointed about their upcoming loss against the Patriots, today blamed the officials for the loss, saying they will “hand the game to the Patriots” and “clearly want them to win.”

One player, defensive end Paul Spicer, even called it “the worst officiated game” he will ever see.

“Saturday’s game is going to be a joke,” Spicer said. “Those refs are going to hand the game to the Patriots. My God, what will they be thinking with that phantom holding call in the third quarter? There will be barely any contact on that play.”

Almost to a man, Jaguars players insisted that the league is biased in favor of the Patriots.

“Oh the league definitely wants the Patriots to win,” said defensive end Bobby McCray. “You can tell. Every call goes their way. There are going to be something like five pass interference calls made against us Saturday that are going to be total bullshit. It’s going to be the worst officiating ever! I don’t care if I get fined for saying this, either. I don’t even think I can get fined for it, since the game hasn’t actually happened yet.”

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