Apparently Roger Clemens doesn’t know what’s being put in his Ass?

Cusescoops- With the latest happenings around the Roger Clemens steroid investigation, the last thing the Clemens camp wanted was another acquisition about the former Yankee star pitcher. Ricky Beland, a Long Island Bar back for Bennigans, states that he and the rocket man “had an affair during the 01-02 season,” and is willing to testify to prove the encounters did occur. More will come out on this story shortly, but interesting how the word “ass” gets thrown around in both worlds.

Getting back to the steroid issues and other things being thrown around the rockets buttocks, It’s not clear when steroids first made their way into baseball, which didn’t test for performance-enhancing drugs until 2003. But it’s reasonably safe to conclude that it wasn’t until the mid-1980s. So how long has he been putting steroids in his backside, and with these new allegations, what else has Clemens taken in the rear?

One of the benefits of steroids is that they’re especially helpful in countering the effects of aging. So in Roger’s case, if he was being gay around those years, he would of appealed to a lot of chic men and especially Bennigans bar backs. Around the time he was leaving the Boston Red Sox — and Dan Duquette, the general manager there, was saying he was ‘past his prime’ — Roger decided to make some changes. He started working out harder and wearing tighter fitting jeans. I’m unreasonably suspicious of the future Hall of Famer and an entire generation of Major League Baseball players. This is the great price the sport will pay for not testing for drugs and random gay encounters all those years. These days, the description of the quintessential homo has changed to ambiguous at best. We’ve become so accustomed to seeing Jack from Will & Grace as the standard gay man, that we forget all about his opposite, Will. Damaging stereotypes and generalizations of queers from the olden days still linger on today. Clemens would be the ultimate gay savior for steroid induced ass injecting ball players.

Thankfully, times have changed and being gay, a 7 time cy young all star pitcher and using steroids has become less taboo. Those indication of sexuality have gone south as well. Right, left hand rings; tight, loose pants; tall or short frame, slider or knuckleballer, there is no universal sign a person is gay and throws a 90 mile an hour cutter.


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