Cicero Man a featured writer on New Adam Sandler movie

Cusescoops- Local writer Dale Sheesley will team up with the Happy Madison pictures on the new Adam Sandler movie, Likety Bumpkin, which will debut in early 2009. Sheesley stated he is excited to work on the picture and looks forward to add some of his comedic elements to the Sandler team. Sheesley’s past credits include, Ishtar, Howard the Duck, TNT Jackson and The incredibly strange pictures who stopped living and became mixed-up Zombies.
The new picture will depict Sandler as an aging lazy adult who falls into some money and ends up dating the bosses beautiful daughter played by Cameron Diaz. Sheesley also noted some points to the movie that will feature Sandler in more of a reached out roll which include–

Sandler talking funny and singing a goofy song.

Sandler punching a guy in the face, then talking funny.

Sandler screaming, talking funny, then beating the snot out of someone.

Sandler attacking an old man, talking funny, and singing.

Sandler shouting at someone, singing a goofy song, then talking funny.

Sandler falling in love, talking funny, then beating up his girlfriend.

Sandler talking funny, singing, shouting, and is riddled with explosive bullets in an ultraviolent bloodbath.

The new movie will also feature Steven Segal as Sandlers drunken father who wins the Alabama lottery and opens up a backyard mixed martial arts league.


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