Noel Jamseon from Manboobs.com was nice enough to collaborate with Cusescoops to give us his top 5 Celebrity manboobs. Jamseon has studied manboobs for over 5 years and he helped us put together the top 5!

#5-Andy Reid

Jamseon-Typical aging American manboobs. Being a former offensive lineman, he probably had some huge pecs and than after his fitness days had passed, the boobs started popping out.
Remedy- Start with some girl pushups and hit the Nautilus circuit.

#4 Jack Nicholson

Jamseon- Jack has done well with his manboobs. Celebrities will often go with the “tanmanboob” to hide the volume of boobage. Jack’s manboobs have a history of fluctuation between firm and flimsy.

Remedy- Start out with simple cardio on the treadmill and finish your workouts with some chest exercises. Use the incline bench with high repetitions to get that shapely lower chest.

#3-Will Ferell

Jamseon- Will carries his manboobs very, very well. His fuzz covers the contours of his rack and wide shoulders carry the boobs to a classic full frontal.

Remedy- Go straight into one handed pushups with the late Jack Palance. No holds barred for Will, chisel those pecs by throwing some aqua velva on and running with it.

#2-Ric Waller

Jamseon- Waller has a cross between the classic aging manboobs and man milkies. He has the athleticism to wear the boobage down to a B cup and work on the circumference of those puppies.

Remedy- Wind sprints and squat thrusts.

#1-Mark Mangino

Jamseon- Mangino is one bear of a manboob. His boobage are off the chart with a pair of knockers that would give Chelsey Charms a run for her money. Those bad boyz cannot be contained by under armour or a tight hooded sweatshirt.

Remedy- Embrace them Mark, embrace them!

honorable mentionSimon Colwell, former SU offensive coordinator Brian White, My Dad, John Travolta


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