The LA of Upstate-Syracuse Celebrity Holiday edition

Steve Guttenberg of Police Academy and Three Men and a little lady fame was gracious enough to pose with our very own Lucas Cicora while outside of the Blue Tusk in Syracuse last Friday night. Guttenberg was in town to do some radio interviews for his upcoming independent film, The Ass less Chaps Chronicles.

Action Star Vin Diesel was seen riding a bicycle at the Salina Street Bus stop this past Tuesday afternoon. Onlookers were surprised to see the star of the Pacifer to be poppin wheelies and yelling obscenities to locals and apparently was cited for intoxication 3 hours later at Daisy Dukes Saloon.

Dick Gere was back in town last Saturday accepting the annual Marian Anderson award for promoting the “Going Grey Early” campaign against the warnings of hair dye. Gere with a Sultry Brunette in his arms, apparently showed up for the after hours party at Applebees on route 11 with some of his family members and guests.


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