Cusescoops- Greg Robinson today announced they landed a new offensive lineman from Union Springs, NY. Jimmy Stando, a 6’7 385 pound lineman and son of former late former WWF wrestler, Hacksaw Jim Duggan will add some depth to the Orange line in 2008. Stando, not recruited nationally, showed promise as a second string snapper and practice squad tackle for the Section IV, Class D team that went 1-7 during their fall 07 campaign.

Stando hopes to help out the struggling offensive line for the Orange and will also enter the national Fluffernutter eating contest in Chevy Chase Maryland this Spring. “I want to come to fall practice next year and make an immediate impact to the squad. I have learned a lot of discipline during competitive eating over the last few years, and hope to bring this to the practice field.”

Stando (seen to the right)will also hoist a 2X4 out of the tunnel during home games to keep the “Hacksaw” family tradition alive in Syracuse.

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