New SU Offensive Coordinator admits he "just wanted to get the hell out of Minnesota!"


New offensive coordinator Mitch Browning stated off camera that he took the SU job because he “just wanted to get the hell out of Minnesota!” Syracuse University head football coach Greg Robinson announced last week that he’s selected Mitch Browning to be the Orange’s new offensive coordinator.

“Mitch’s trademark is a dominant offense with an effective running game and an efficient throwing game to create a balanced attack,” Robinson said in a statement released by the athletic department.. “He directs offenses that advance the ball down field and score points. He creates a balanced attack.” Browning also talked about his new job here in Syracuse by stating that, “I enjoy the climate, the snow and the white women here in Syracuse. I am a pasty,aging, average offensive coordinator that needs to be in a mid-size city to land young ladies.”

Browning also noted that he is excited to get his “snowboarding ON” while in upstate NY. “I am part Eskimo, so I can relate to weather extremes and enjoy the native American flare here in Syracuse.” The SU football community will welcome Browning to a welcoming party on January 18th at the Tully’s on Erie Blvd. Benny Mardones will entertain the party with Special guests Under the Gun.

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