Albany lawmakers to ban women’s basketball-A women’s viewpoint

Cusescoops- After years of deliberation, New York state has banned women’s basketball at the collegiate level and professional ranks in New York State. The bill, which has been on deck for 3 years, recently got voted in 43-2 during a late night session this past Tuesday. A state Representative, Maury Lungren was quoted as saying, ” I have nothing but respect for women’s basketball players. They’re talented athletes and fierce competitors. But watching 40 minutes of underhanded lay-ups just isn’t exciting. We have the right to protect the great fans of our state, and end the madness which is women’s basketball.”

Although with the Resurrection of the SU’s women’s basketball program this year and a hope of a top 25 ranking, SU officials agreed with Albany with the move. “Enough is enough”, Mayia Cremao, a university spokesman stated. “I love watching women in gymnastics, figure skating and a variety of other athletic stages, but a Hodge podge of layups and jump shots has taken its toll on the basketball fan.”

Another layup for the SU women

ESPN has shown all 63 games of the women’s NCAA tournament. NBC tortures audiences with the WNBA all summer long. No one denies that viewership for these games is close to non-existent, or that any other programming with similar ratings would be canceled posthaste. But the networks claim that money-losing commitment
is a “long-term strategy” and they’re banking on the “development of the sport.”

I’m a woman and I love sports, but enough already. Promoting women’s basketball on equal footing with the men’s is an embarrassment because they’re not co-equals. At both the collegiate and professional levels, the women’s game is a parasite that feeds off the men’s. Let’s put that in perspective. Remember the XFL on NBC?

No disrespect ladies, but the game is just no good. Its like watching men’s basketball in the 50’s, a bunch of 5’10ish people doing layups and hitting jump shots.

Sincerely-your non-basketball playa, Jana


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