Cusescoops- Well, the Bowl games are set, and the BCS still doesn’t work and sucks BALLZ! Syracuse beat the Tulane Green Coolaid (Thanks Idiots!), and we are waiting to see who wins the Heisman. With our local hometown boy Mike Hart out of the picture, it looks like from most of the experts Tim “freakin” Tebow is probably the front runner and most likely to grab that straight arm statue. I am not sure if anyone is with me on this, but does Tim Tebow sound a bit white trash to you? I know he grew up in an affluent Florida community and was home schooled. (more on that later). Tim Tebow just sounds like a name of a country kid growing up in rural Texas with an abusive alcoholic dad, and a subservient helpless mother that is just trying to raise her poor kids to get out of Boone County and make something of their lives.

Picture this:

Poor white mom: Timothy Tebow, you march your butt right inside and finish your chores before your Pappy gets home!

Timothy Tebow: But mom, me and Colt were just throwin the ball around down at Ole Millers Landing. I don’t wanna do no chores mum!

Poor white mom: I am going to give you til the count of 10, and those chickens better be fed by the help of our good lord, or there will be hell to pay young man.

Timothy Tebow: Ahh shucks mom, I have a big game tumura against Jackson County and me an Colt here need to run some plays.

Poor white mom: 10, 9, 8, 7

Timothy Tebow: Kay Colt, I gotta go feed some chickens or my pappy is going to take a belt to my bottom.

same story ie. Colt McCoy, Casey Dick, John Parker Wilson, etc.


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