Jim Boeheim fired as Syracuse Basketball Coach

Jim Boeheim graduated from Lyons Central High School. Boeheim enrolled in Syracuse University as a student in 1963 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social science in 1969(SU Athletics). During his freshman year, Boeheim was a walk-on with the men’s basketball team. By his senior year he was the team captain and a teammate of All-American Dave Bing. The pair led the Orange to a 22-6 overall win-loss record that earned the team’s second-ever NCAA tournament berth. After graduating from Syracuse, Boeheim played professional basketball with Scranton of the Eastern League during which he won two championships and was a second-team all-star (SU Athletics). While at Syracuse University he joined The Delta Upsilon Fraternity.

In 1969, Boeheim decided to coach basketball and was hired as a graduate assistant at Syracuse. Soon thereafter he was promoted to a full-time assistant coach and was a member of the coaching staff that helped guide the Orange to its first Final Four appearance in 1975. Coach Roy Danforth, the head coach at the time, was hired away from Syracuse University. A coaching search then led to naught, and, in 1976, Boeheim was promoted to be the head coach of his alma mater, thus making him one of the rare individuals to spend his entire college basketball career (player, assistant coach, and head coach) at only one school. In his thirty-one years as head coach at Syracuse, Boeheim has guided the Orange to postseason berths, either in the NCAA or NIT tournaments, in all but one of his seasons (SU Athletics). During his tenure, the Orange have never had a losing season, appeared in three NCAA national championship games (1987, 1996, and 2003) and won the national title in 2003.

In a surprise move shortly after the 107-100 loss to the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Daryl Gross fired long time Orange Coach Jim Boeheim. The Orange, 4-2 in their 2007 campaign will be coached by Current Syracuse Bullz coach Terell Dean whose team has been on hiatus since scheduling having scheduling conflicts the last couple of weeks. Dean stated that he “would shuffle the line up prior to the Orange’s next contest against Tulane this Saturday.” Athletic Director Daryl Gross also stated shortly after firing Boeheim that Jim’s wife Julie is still welcome in the VIP luxury box during Syracuse home games.

God Asks Jon Kitna If He Knows Tom Brady

DETROIT–Lions QB Jon Kitna admitted today that he was offended after God interrupted him mid-prayer to ask him if he knew Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
“Wow that was inappropriate,” Kitna said afterward. “I mean I’m in the middle of a prayer. Couldn’t that have waited until after I was done? Couldn’t he have at least pretended to be listening to me? Anyway, I told him I knew Tom and he was a pretty nice guy, and he said, ‘I knew it. He seems like a cool guy when they interview him on TV.’ Then I’m like ‘Can I finish my prayer now?’ and he’s like ‘Go nuts,’ but I could tell he wasn’t interested.”
Later, Kitna contacted Brady to tell him God was asking about him, to which Brady responded “Who?”

Nebraska Climbs To 15th In AP Poll After Firing Of Callahan

LINCOLN–The long awaited firing of head coach Bill Callahan is already paying dividends for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. On Monday, the Associated Press rankings showed that the 5-7 Huskers had climbed all the way to 15th in the nation, meaning they are now eligible to play in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl.

AD Tom Osborne, who dismissed Callahan on Saturday, called the latest rankings “a pleasant surprise.”

“This is quite a pleasant surprise for everyone here in Lincoln,” said Osborne. “We knew that jettisoning Bill would improve our standing in the eyes of the media, but we didn’t expect something this drastic. I guess this proves that I made the right decision in letting him go, so all you people who questioned me can kiss my ass. Actually nobody questioned me, except Bill. He thought I should have done it earlier.”

Osborne refused to get too excited about the high ranking since the team still has many glaring weaknesses and probably won’t fare well in a bowl game should it get invited to one.

“Let’s all be honest here: we are still a very flawed team,” he said. “Our defense is, um…flawed. It needs a little work. Okay, it’s a goddamn abortion. Though to be fair, if we were a basketball team, we would be like the fourth best defense in the country.”

Recruit Excited About Free Car Every USC Freshman Gets

LOS ANGELES–Highly touted high school running back Joe McKnight has just committed to the University of Southern California and he’s already driving around in his new Cadillac CTS. McKnight, who came close to signing with LSU, changed his mind when USC coach Pete Carroll informed him that all incoming freshman, athletes or otherwise, receive a free car as part of standard university policy.

Now McKnight is looking forward to parking his new ride in the student parking lot with the rest of the CTS’s.

“Wow this is some school,” said McKnight, currently a senior at John Curtis Christian High School in Louisiana. “Did you know they give every single incoming freshman a new Cadillac? They do. Pete Carroll told me. He said it’s part of the university policy to welcome new students, which I think is really nice because coming to a new school can be pretty scary and it’s good to reach out to people. LSU was cool, but they weren’t offering that. They were only offering this stupid dirt bike, and just for me, not for every student in the school, which I thought was kind of classless.”

McKnight was poised to sign with LSU after coach Les Miles visited him on February 1st. However, the 18-year-old was “bowled over” after talking with Carroll and receiving the complimentary car.

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