BREAKING NEWS- Botnet breaks into NCAA database reverses Syracuse’s win over Buffalo

Audiowave, an online Botnet recently broke into the NCAA mainframe and reversed SU football’s October 20th 20-12 win over the Bulls. Botnet’s are a jargon term for a collection of software robots, or bots, which run autonomously and automatically. They run on groups of “zombie” computers controlled remotely by crackers. This can also refer to the network of computers using distributed computing softwareSyracuse’s official record went from 2-10 to 1-11 for about 2 hours today, officially taking SU’s ESPN power rankings down to 112. Luke Cicora, a network engineer disabled the Botnet buy using a delta ray stunner and with the help of AUTObotnets, were able to infiltrate the database and erase the wrongdoing.

(An illustrated process of how botnets work.)

Syracuse football Coach Greg Robinson stated that he “was glad they were able to defeat the Bot nets and give that victory to our kids guys Buffalo. Our kids really grinded out that win against the Bulls, they really did. They fought hard and improved all game, and I saw some things out there back in October.” When asked if he knew what Botnets were Robinson also stated, ” I don’t really think about bot nets, I really don’t. I worry about this team and our work we do on the field. I let people that know how to battle botnets do their thing, I just coach football.”


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