In a surprise move by university officials, the Syracuse Orange will go “green” beginning in 2009. The Orange mascot will continue through the 2008 campaign and will be phased out right after the Men’s and women’s basketball campaigns in early 2009. According to a Syracuse spokesperson, “The university wants to promote an environmental image to the community and fans in the central New York region.” When asked if the switch to the Green mascot has a relationship to Destiny USA, they stated, “maybe?”

The Syracuse Green will offer some additional amenities to the athletic facilities, campus and practice fields. The Carrier Dome will offer an oxygen bar, free tap water, and Al Gore’s pub n’ Grill, located in the virtual end zone under the compo stable greenhouse wing. Also, electric go karts will be available to rent from the Destiny USA Parking lot to drive and park at SU Green home games.

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Coach Robinson looks really tan in this picture? Troy Nunes is a mediocre juggler

Mo Money, MO Problems for Sudden Impact (No, not the Steven Segal movie either!) State of the Orange


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