White guy scores 2 points in YMCA pickup game

37 year old correctional officer scored 2 points/0 rebounds in YMCA Game

Dewitt, NY–Todd Piasecki, a white dude, showed the courage of a thousand men yesterday when he ventured into a pickup basketball game at a Dewitt YMCA. The 37-year-old scored 2 points and had just one rebound during the twenty-five minute game, and fainted from fatigue soon afterward.
“Holy shit those guys are good,” a winded Piasecki told reporters. “How can you play full-court basketball for that long? It’s just running back and forth over and over again. I couldn’t get a shot off. Every time I squared up, this one big guy kept coming over and slapping it out of my hands. It was a great workout. I just wish I could have kept some of my dignity.”

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