The degenerates are in the Garden…Hope they have the extra security

Folks, this is our competition


1. The pretentious use of “the” preceding “Ohio State.”

2. Ohio State has a losing bowl record.

3. Reggie Germany somehow maintained his academic eligibility at Ohio State with a 0.0 GPA.

4. Placing stickers of pot plants on their helmets, in some scheme designed to reduce the importance of team achievements.

5. Woody Hayes is idolized by Buckeye fans, instead of shunned due to his violent nature which consists not only of hitting Clemson players, but assaults in other incidents.

6. Art Schlichter’s career as a compulsive gambler and criminal began and was nurtured at Ohio State.

7. Sammy Maldonado was a fine student and citizen in high school, and then became a problem child and poor student at Ohio State. He resurrected his education, career and life, transferring to Maryland.

8. Maurice Clarett developed from a decent high school student and football player into a criminal at Ohio State.

9. Jim Tressel is responsible for the Maldonado and Clarett situations, as well as Marco Cooper, Troy Smith and other Buckeyes receiving payments, yet Buckeye fans continue to apologize and ignore this behavior, even pretending that he runs a clean program.

10. John Cooper is not reviled by Buckeye fans for his pathetic graduation rates, or any of the scummier elements of the Buckeye program, but for one thing: 2-10-1.

11. Ohio State has had four major infractions with the NCAA. And they’re damn lucky they didn’t have any with Clarett and other players receiving payments.

12. Ohio State continually changes their jerseys. You may have noticed that this website has the same colors as their jerseys: red and black. There is no gray on their jerseys. I guess they don’t have a tradition worth upholding.

13. Ohio State’s “greatest” tradition is the “Dotting of the I.” Forgive me for not being impressed by the talent required for some tuba player to bow. This is particularly embarrassing, since the script Ohio was invented by the Michigan Marching Band in 1932.

from our good friends over at Ohio State sucks!


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