Just added to the Dr. Gross book club

Please Dr. Gross, read the book!

Two local bloggers caught blogging in the nude at party

Cusescoops-Two local bloggers were seen “Blogging in the buff” at a local party Saturday night at a Syracuse University house party on Thurston Ave. The two bloggers, called SUPUNTSON3rd, and GROSSBALL were busted when Campus police raided the house minutes after a noise complaint call was placed. As police arrive the two men ran out the back door with their laptops and hopped in a Green Geo Metro.

Witnesses stated the two men were part of the local Syracuse blogging community and were doing a write up of the blowout loss versus the University of Connecticut this past Saturday. Police spokesman, Gerry Stevens stated “that the two suspects will be brought up on blogging indecency and be charged for drinking while blogging.” “They just came in with a six pack of Zima, took their clothes off and sat on the couch naked bitchin about the Syracuse game”, said Jenn Stage, a Syracuse university freshmen.


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