30-7 =Syracuse Football is the Ballz!

Cusescoops- Now I don’t normally comment on my actual opinion or frustration of things here in the Cuse. I usually let our collective bloggers give you the “real deal” of opinions and insight on the team and program. BUT, after I just watched another display of the debauchery that is “Sudden Impact” I had to come out of my shell!
I was a third string defensive back at a division III school in the nineties. I truly believe that our 4-8 team that year could have thrown 21 points on SU’s defense. Holy freakin s&^t this team is sooooooooooo poorly managed, and the execution has to truly affect our coaches tactics. Blaallalahhah, it makes me sick to my stomach to watch this team right now.
I usually go catch a game at my local Tully’s and of all the 21 tv’s they had in the bar area, 3 of them were on the SU football game!!! Wow, our local sports bars are pretty much saying “we are the ballz!”

Check out this video below, it pretty much sums up our defense the entire year!


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