Scoops Editorial-I didn’t realize Syracuse had a Men’s Soccer team?

Cusescoops- After a long night of boozing at a local watering hole for my friend’s bachelor party, I was a bit upset of the bet I made the night before. A few rabid Syracuse sports fans were watching Johnny Flynn light up Sienna, and we were all excited and started talking about the prospectus of the new BBall season, and the football debacle that is coming to an end. Out of nowhere, a guy looked over and said, “How good is the Men’s soccer team!”
Now, I am a sports junky, and like to think I know all about my Orange. So I replied, “SU doesn’t have a men’s soccer team!!!???” After a long debate, I was proven wrong! “Really, I said? They seriously have a soccer team?” Well, I don’t get soccer? Played when I was like 5, quit when I was old enough to switch to T Ball. I never got it, nor watched it, nor gave a damn about it. I am sorry If I offend any soccer fans, and I know I am that one douche if you are a soccer fan.

I’m not a communist.

I like real sports.

It’s boring

People continue to tell me that soccer will soon become part of the fabric of this country and that soccer will eventually be as popular as popular as football, basketball,and baseball? Really? Seriously? It’s hard to be embarrassed in soccer. (Unless you’re a goalie.) You can’t drop a fly ball, you can’t air ball a free throw and you can’t get annihilated by the big chubby kid in 5th grade that can already throw 75mph.

I can already see people’s comments to me why I don’t know what I am talking about….”You don’t know what you’re talking about! It is the most popular sport in the world,” blahbhahbhahahbhahbahbah! I know, I know, I am that American douche!!


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