Syracuse Bloggers set to stage rally downtown for Coach Robinson’s resignation

Cusescoops-– Bloggers of the Syracuse world UNITE! A demonstration is about to take shape as bloggers from the Syracuse sports arena are set to stage a rally for the resignation of Syracuse University football Coach Greg Robinson. URDOUCHEGROB, proprietor of the now defunct GROBISDYSFUNCTIONAL.COM put together the rally which will bring the blogosphere to life this Saturday at noon down in Clinton Square. “Many of these guys have never met before, but had developed relationships online throughout the years, kinda like a for bloggers. “It’s going to be strange meeting these guys, after years of blasting GROB” states, Marius Janillus of the famed Troy nunes is an absolute magician blogsite.

Brent Axe, of the Axeman Blogeth, a widely popular blog site for the site said that, “I am expecting 50 yr old fat dudes to be showing up, but we will see what happens.” The rally will have an online band playing from monitors located under a virtual tent. Cyber food will also be provided by Kittyhoynes featuring, Online O’connor potato skins, virtual kinsale calamari, and Guinness 2.0.

The evening will also feature the sexy blogstress, sexybeeatch17, from her widely popular, Hot Ambercrombie chick will wrap up the night with a blog performance as she writes about the “Real difference between a Prada couture handbag and the new Coach fall line. “I am really looking for the blog performance Saturday night,” sexybeeatch17 typed from parts unknown. ” It will be a great opportunity for me, even though I don’t really know what football is?”

The night will also include an online grudge match between posters Punton3rd13 and Buggaboo.


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