Justice will be served…with a lawsuit

It certainly is a dog eat dog world…at least, it is for one notorious member of the Syracuse elite, Peter Catalano.

Catalano, better known as the short, stocky half of legal juggernaut, The Heavy Hitters, found himself on the OTHER side of the law on Friday morning while walking his bichon frise, Justice, in his tony Fayetteville subdivision. While strolling down the street, typing away on his Blackberry, Catalano lost control of Justice, who charged a jogger, jumped up, and bit her in the buttocks. By the time Catalano abandoned the Blackberry and noticed that Justice had taken a piece out of the jogger’s Under Armour stretchpants, not to mention her first layer of skin, it was too late: the jogger, Sally Cuningham was screaming “See how you’ll like it when I sue YOU–Heavy Hitters My ASS” as well as a string of unprintable expletives.

Cusescoops caught up with Catalano an hour later as he was pulling out of his driveway and he had this to say: “Listen, I don’t go to court. Ever. Really, I don’t even know where the civil courthouse is. So I don’t see how she’ll be able to sue me. If she wants me to sign the pants, though, I can do that.” Catalano took off in his Beamer with his vanity plate as a final reminder of lucky Sally Cuningham’s morning brush with celebrity: LWYRSTUD.


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