Local Celebrity sightings-Syracuse is the "L.A!" of upstate

North Syracuse native son Richard Gere was spotted Thursday night at hot spot “Mug Shotz” on Route 11. Mr. Gere, chic in a hemp, biodegradable trench designed by John Paul Gaultier, reportedly attempted to order an Organically distilled gin from Burma for his gin gimlet. Bartender Justin Sanders told Cusescoops, “I don’t even know what Burma is. I told that guy from ‘First Knight’ that we have Bartons or Beefeaters…or he can have our happy hour top shelf rum runner.” Gere settled on a Genesee Cream Ale and even made time to graciously sign some copies of “Dr. T and the Women” before slipping out the back entrance around 10 pm with a mystery brunette.

Larry Czonka-The former Syracuse fullback and perennial Miami Dolphin pro bowler was seen last night at Michaels on Erie Blvd…..Yes Michaels, the Arts and Crafts retail chain. Czonka, in town to be honored at halftime was seen browsing through the yarn section. Hmmmmm, wonder if he was trying to knit his old varsity sweater back together?

Steven Baldwin of the Syracuse Baldwin clan was spotted at the skate park in Liverpool last monday night handing out Bible verses signed by fellow Born Again Kirk Cameron!! The born again Bio Dome actor has recently jumped the religious shark and is fusing together his new extreme lifestyle with our heavenly father!


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