Friday Quickies and slanted opinions……………– Teens try to break in the school’s computer network to change grades for applying to Ivy league schools. Maybe they can crash into SU’s system and give us a few more rushing yards?

State of the Orange– Syracuse has a new professional basketball team. The Bullz (with a “Z” instead of the standard “S” to give the team some street cred, uses the ole red, white and blue ball. 800 people came out to the inaugural game to see some former Syracuse area high school stars grab an initial victory. It’s going to be tough for them I think? See—-WNBA

Destiny USA gets a green thumb-Developer plans ‘green’ hotel high-rise as part of mega mall. This will be the tallest, most energy efficient building outside of New York City. Robert Congell also to speak with Dinosaur Barbecue owner to switch to tofu instead of Pork loin.

Some recent comments on Cusescoops———————Horrible blog, I cannot believe I wasted my time reading this.

(Thanks for taking time out to comment, mom!)

What’s wrong with you???

(I spent my early life as a Walmart greeter.)

Do you even like Syracuse, if not move???!!!!

(Actually love the cuse. Great sports, cheap beer, beautiful women, and we have the home of Dick Gere!)

This sucks!!!

(Wow, thanks! Do you have a myspace page?)


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