Local band aggressively tells crowd that they are "going to rock them!"

Cusescoops- All eleven of Britney Jackal’s die hard fans showed up at Ted’s Tavern Tuesday night in Fulton to hear their local favorite band and enjoy 2 dollar Utica Club bottles. They were armed with an attitude for great rock n’ roll and were hellbent on raising cane through all of Britney Jackyl’s sets. Ted Simon, a local pipe fitter said that, “he literally lives for these shows.” I have no health insurance, and have an advanced incurable disease. I enjoy coming out here and tossing a few darts and rockin out. “

Everything was set for a great evening, and when Jackyl singer Rod Sanchez came out, all hands were on deck to crank those speakers up. Apparently 2 songs into the set Sanchez pointed to a fan and explained to him, that Britney Jackyl came to Ted’s to ROCK YOU TONIGHT!” The fan, obviously upset yelled back at Sanchez stating, “you don’t know how to rock us, we are born to rock!” After that moment, all hell broke loose as the singer jumped into the crowd and mayhem ensued. Bar owner Bill Goso said that the band got “their ass kicked” and immediately ran out of the bar, leaving their instruments, and a few Britney Jackyl fans on edge.


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