Brett Favre spikes interest in inner city youth playing football in wranglers

“Whether I’m on the lake with my friends or at home with family, when I’m not on the field I want to be comfortable,” said Favre. “Wrangler jeans are a perfect fit for my lifestyle. I’ve always loved the brand and what it stands for, and now I’m honored to be a part of the Wrangler legacy.”

Cusescoops-Brett Favre probably never expected that his tossing of the pigskin with friends in his wranglers would change the landscape of backyard football in inner city neighborhoods. The south Salina flag football league has been seeing more and more kids sporting the straight leg denim when hitting the grid iron. Jamaal Kinsig, a player for Da Playaz, told Cusescoops that he likes how the denim feels when he is “breakin out Fiddy yard dashes.”
League director Dwayne Cosen said that “Wrangler denim is becoming the new FUBU, or Phat Farm for urban kids playing football. These kids are making a statement, and they are saying Wrangler is where it’s at!”

Check out this Wrangler jeans video!


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