Axeman shines in classic "two handed gun point" photo shoot

Cusescoops–As a long time Brent Axe listener and reader of his weekly “on the Block” blogs, I appreciate all that Brent adds to the Cuse sports scene daily. The creativeness and “in your face” talk of the Syracuse sports scene, can only be matched by the great infamous R Kelly “trapped in the closet gems”.(Joking of course, but the Southparks version is classic) As I logged on to to read Axe’s daily rant I noticed the pic of his blog page and saw it! The most classic shot in any stand up comics biography page! The “I gotcha of all photos!” When you are down to nothing, you can always raise those hands, and say, “What’s up my man, I gotcha!”


(What do you want me to do? I am so funny and cool, I mean cmon are you serious?)

(You better laugh you son of a bitch, or I will get Frank!)

(I am a crazy comedian with random thoughts and wild scenarios!)


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