Gross asks Coach Robinson, "How about a Colt or Tebow?"

cusescoops- After pressure from Athletic director Daryl Gross to recruit some quarterback prospects that “sound the part”, Head Coach Greg Robinson got a verbal commitment from 3 star Texas quarterback Gunnar “Big Boy” Hollister. Hollister verbally committed to the Orange this past week. Gross later commented on the importance of your quarterbacks name in the scheme of recruiting. “You look at schools like Texas, Hawai, Arkansas with names like Colt McCoy, Casey Dick, and Colt Brennan, and also Tim Tebow down at Florida. It seems to me, these guys play like their name. Now, I am not saying Andrew Robinson is a good quarterback, but when I think of that name, I am picturing a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs.
Whether or not the name game will work for the Orange remains to be seen, but Gross stated that he wants to bring the days back of Kirby Dar Dars, and Thump Beltons.


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