Local chubby girl really enjoys diet coke

L. David Artley
[c]uze Scoopz

SYRACUSE-NY Samantha Ryan is your average 3rd grader. She likes American Idol(her favorite singer is Sanjaya), she loves pizza, diet coke and baseball. Samantha (seen above catching some Sky Chiefs batting practice last spring) looks forward to drinking her diet pepsi after throwing down 3 franks at the ball park.

Her father Jim Ryan remembers Samantha being about 2 yrs old grabbing his diet coke bottle,”she never liked regular soda, always enjoyed the diet. She would eat a whole sleeve of fig newtons and swig down a 2 liter of diet pepsi.” Little Samantha Ryan is pushing a 120 lbs and is 2x her weight for her age. When asked if the weight bothered her, Jim Ryan stated,”She doesn’t even know how chubby she is. At least she is drinking diet pepsi, right? I have heard all the chubby jokes like, fatty mcbutter pants, huge is good,I am already supersized,THIN IS IN, BUT FAT IS WHERE IT’S AT, and so on but she wants to grow up and be a chubby newscaster someday so who am I to doubt her that opportunity.”


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