Nude snowblower upsetting neighbors in Solvay

Bert Cooper

SOLVAY, NY- Gary Rabers has been a Solvay resident for over 25 years since his family moved here from Richmond, Virginia. He has been active with his daughters soccer teams and has volunteered locally at the arctic league. “Gary has been a great neighbor and friend to my family and we have never had issues with him or his family as long as he has lived here, ” stated Marge Tidi, Gary’s next door neighbor. “But lately his nude snow blowing has upset some of the residents and children.”
Apparently Gary has taken to nude snow blowing from a friend in Pulaski who started a club back in 1997. “It’s very relaxing and a bit cold sometime, but it has a self-gratifying quality to it when you are finished,”said Gary in a phone interview with Scoopz. “Some people get upset, but I get a lot of honks from the ladies.”


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