[c]uzeScoopz Editorial-Women and Basketball

Danny Carberry

SYRACUSE, NY- On the eve of the popular UCONN-SYRACUSE battle at the dome, it reminded me that UCONN has a semi popular women’s basketball program. Before I go into a rant, I have never attended a Division 1 women’s college basketball game, nor do I ever care to!
That said…………………First off, watching women’s basketball is like watching two squads filled with only Steve Kerr’s hitting jump shot after jump shot and then sneaking in a left handed layup by Mark Price. I play horse alot with my friends, but wouldn’t expect people to watch me play it. Women’s basketball is like having someone tell you about their dreams!!!!!!!!! (Dude, let me tell you about this insane dream I had last night, I was falling off a cliff and then I…..blablalblalbllabl, snnnnnnnoooooorrrrreeeeee!

They wear baggy shorts and jerseys, so they don’t really look like women at all, they look like lumpen bottom-heavy boys who are shorter and can’t jump as high. The only real tell-tale sign of femininity is the pony-tail. It’s like watching a bunch of chubby 13 year old junior high kids with surfer hair playing CYO Ball.

Contrast this with the oh so hot tennis skirt, or the beach volleyball bikini, that is why the WNBA sucks. But, if they wore shorter shorts, like NBA players in the 60’s and 70’s wore, then that would be sexy. Have John Stockton take over a WNBA team and brink back the shorts and maybe have a team sponsored by VIVID (adult film company extraordinaire)
But thankfully we have men that play the game the way it’s supposed to be played, excessive traveling, cannot shoot free throws, 1/2 court alley ooops, corn rolls, tattoos and yeah, the DUNK!


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