Poor African tribe leader to adopt afluent white Manlius baby

David and Amy Sandio from Manilius, New York felt that their newborn daughter, Mckenna would live a life of refuge in the tight knit community in upstate, New York. The opportunity came along for them to let there child be adopted by CBoani Nkayni of war torn Darfur. Nkayni adopted the baby with one of his thirteen wives, Bayoungi. They paid 100,000 Sudaneese Dinar, or equivelent to about three dollars. This adoption has reversed the trend set by Angelina Jolie, and Madonna who have recently adopted african babies.
When asked if they would miss the baby, David stated, “Yeh, but I start a new job soon at a local consulting firm, and Amy really wants to hit the gym full time, so it was a perfect opportunity. I might text her when she is older if they have cell phone technolgy over there, if not, I am sure she will be fine in Darfur.”


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