Being originally from Salter, Egypt I am familiar and well versed in Islamic extremism. Militant suicide bombers carrying out malicious attacks on their countrymen is common place in much of Iraq. But I left Iraq this past December with a feeling of content and assurance. What I saw was a western phenomena extend across the ocean to the deserts of Iraq. I saw Iraqi militant teenagers put down their guns and explosives and take time out to be kids. What were they doing you might ask? Nothing. That’s right, nothing.
They were laying around, eating hummus, playing old American video games (mostly super Nintendo) and being lazy. It gave me optimism that the western lifestyle was taking control of a part of Iraqi youth. Imagine that, these kids before were yelling in the streets, firing their guns up into the Iraqi sky, and planning the next attack on American troops. Now they are playing NBA jams 95, super mario, and sleeping in until two in the afternoon. Thank you America and thank you for spreading your laziness and making these kids realize that no ambition is better than martyrdom.


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