Former Syracuse weatherman blames weather on Jews

Former Channel 3 weatherman, and current fox news reporter Phil Weintin recently blamed the Jewish state of Israel for the Northeasts warm seasonal weather. As temperatures are forecast to go as high as the high 50s and no lower than the mid-20s through at least Thursday, this could be one of the warmest winters in years here in Syracuse. So who can we blame for the warm winter weather? Jews. Well that’s what Weintin thinks in a phone interview from Manhattan with Scoopz reporter, Richard Long. “It all starts with the holy land and as this unseasonably warm weather curses much of the Northeast, Israel reaps the rewards.” When asks how Israel benefits from climate changes, he goes on to say, “The Jewish land owns much stock in fair weather climates. They will soon own a stake in cool weather climates as well.”
Who knows what Weintin is talking about. When local Rabbi Danzi Zingerman was made aware of the comments, he stated, “Typical anti-Jewish weatherman rants. It’s typical of these men and women to condemn Israel and spread propaganda.”

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